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The Three Catch-22s?


I've just read this article from another forum.. Your opinions?

Three Catch-22s in America you're not supposed to be aware of

There are many Catch-22's in America that you are conditioned not to see. They serve the purpose of inducing a "happy slave" mentality in the populace while subduing freedom of thought, a necessary illusion to maintain conformity to the business culture of America.

I will point out and describe a few:

1) You are taught that freedom is the epitome of human life, that it's worth dying for even, hence Patrick Henry's legendary quote "Give me liberty or give me death". Freedom is your "inalienable right", which is declared in the US Constitution.

Yet on the other hand, you are also taught that one MUST submit to corporate slavery, aka employment, in order to make a living. Without a job, your life has no purpose and you are labeled as lazy and idle. You are basically obligated to a lifetime of servitude to a corporation or public organization, which is a hierarchical dictatorship, in which there is no freedom or democracy. By doing so, you give your life away to the economy, and become a robot in a private dictatorship, in order to "make a living" and receive material rewards. Otherwise, you become a bum and are punished with deprivation of your material needs.

A few are able to run their own business and live off it, or generate an easy source of residual income. But most are not, and must submit to corporate slavery, giving their lives away to servitude.

There is definitely no freedom in that, for true freedom means you are free of any and all bondage and can do and think whatever you want, at least most of the time. Becoming a corporate drone obviously, is the antithesis of that.

The ideal citizen in America is a "happy slave", one that pays lip service to his/her freedom, but not actually BEING free, instead living a life of servitude and slavery to higher authorities.

2) You are expected to mind your own business, not need others, and leave other people alone. You are expected to be strong and independent, and to never get lonely. And you are taught not to talk to strangers, but to be paranoid of them. Normal means that you keep social interaction confined within closed social cliques, established usually early on in life in high school or college. Communication with strangers is usually business related.

In your culture, people live in a bubble, neighbors don't usually know each other, and every man is an island. There is an ice barrier between strangers. Hence people are not comfortable meeting new people and trying to do so feels awkward and tight. Even in extracurricular activities, people only meet for convenience and then go their separate ways afterward. It's a very isolating culture, and thus connecting and bonding with others does NOT come natural at all.

Yet on the other hand, if you go to places and public events alone, you are seen as a loser, like there's something wrong with you. It's a Catch-22, putting you between a "rock and a hard place" and unfairly blaming YOU for it.

If you complain about loneliness or having no friends or dates, then people will down you and claim that you must have a ****** personality or no social skills, in order to make themselves feel better than you. By giving them a target to ostracize (you), you give them a temporary feeling of "belonging to the pack" which has kicked you out. It's a very dysfunctional victim blaming mentality. Thus it's a taboo to ever admit that you're lonely and have no social life, one that is punishable with blame and ridicule.

Furthermore, the media and movies portray the image that everyone is friendly in America, and that friends and dates are easy to get, so when they aren't, you blame yourself and assume something must be wrong with you. The cultural mythos says that "people are very friendly and if you were a person with great qualities, then everyone would want to hang out with you, and you'd have a lot of friends, so if you don't, then your personality and social skills must suck."

This myth and assumption ignores the fact that America is in reality a very nonsocial and segregated culture designed for business, not social connection or healthy relationships. This is evidenced by the fact that most lonely people in America report a far better social life when they go overseas to more open and passionate cultures. And it's also confirmed by the fact that loneliness and mental illness are silent epidemics which are more prevalent in America than in other nations.

Therefore, logically, in an antisocial culture where people do not like to bond or befriend others, where communication is usually business related, wouldn't it be more normal and natural to not have good friends and social life?

Thus the problem is due to the social culture, not with you (assuming that you are a decent social person with no major personality defects). Yet society has programmed you to see it backwards, that the problem is you and not the culture.

That is wrong and deceitful. But then again, America is not about truth, but about conforming to whatever consensus the media and government give you.

3) You are told that you live in a free country with free speech, that your culture is the epitome of freedom and democracy, envied by all other countries (which is BS). This means you are free to say, think and do whatever you want, as long as you don't intrude on the rights of others.

Yet if you don't believe whatever you are told by authority (government), your corporate media, and the engineered social consensus in your culture, then you are ridiculed and condemned for not following the herd. This means that you have a patriotic and civic duty to support every Godless evil murderous war that America gets involved in as well, even if it is in the wrong.

Nevermind the fact that innocent civilians, including women and children, die in America's wars that serve corporate greed, power and control. None of that should outrage you, because your leaders support it and therefore you have a patriotic duty to do so as well. You must OBEY and CONFORM!

For to you, truth is whatever authority and consensus tell you, not whatever the actual truth really is. And your duty is to conform to that, not challenge it. After all, if the mainstream media doesn't challenge it, then who are you to?!

In other words, you can pay lip service to freedom and free speech, as long as you CONFORM to authority and consensus. This means that it's ok to be a hypocrite, but not a nonconformist! It's one of the BIGGEST LIES imaginable.

Yet you aren't supposed to see this discrepancy and Catch-22, which in Orwellian terms is a form of "double think" in which the government says one thing and does another, yet programs you not to see the discrepancy.

It's the ultimate form of mind control. And it makes me sick.

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