the relevance of a national hero

Started by bukojob, June 13, 2011, 03:04:29 PM

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I agree with him that most people are ignorant of Rizal's works. Some may not even know who our national hero is.

OT: I longed for historical fiction on historical figures like Rizal and Bonifacio, or fiction that romanticizes the Spanish/American/Japanese occupation and the revolutions, or fiction with these as the backdrop.

to be honest, mas na-appreciate ko si rizal after reading this article. like most of us, ang alam ko lang kay rizal is his life and his 2 works. I agree with the author when he pointed out the rizal is not a relatable figure because of how he was introduced to us.

OT: carp, meron na bang existing fiction na kagay ng sinabi mo?

Ako naman mas naappreciate ko siya during college, when we were asked to read some of his essays aside from his two novels. I think just two of them, "Letter to the Women of Malolos" and "The Indolence of the Filipino People". To be honest, I cannot remember much of these. :(

(Hate ko yung Noli and Fili during hs, naappreciate ko lang din sa college.)

Actually I am not a person who reads. Wala siguro fiction na kagaya ng sinabi ko. If there were, most probably they were crap, just like most Pinoy movies.

Take note I am talking about local historical fiction. Kapag foreign I am sure marami. Comics and anime pa lang marami na.

as much as I want to appreciate it, I agree with you that most of our local movies suck (especially commercial ones), we do have those of fiction in movies naman e, pero gaya nga nang sinabi mo, parang walang dating (baler, aishite masu). Konti lang din ang alam ko sa local fictional literature (shame on me!) kaya hindi ko rin masabi kung meron or walang fictional story out there about rizal or any national heroes. Kung wala (which most probably is the answer), sa tingin mo, bakit?

sa tinging ko, either (yun nga) hindi tayo ang "reading type" or no one dared to taint the "hero-ness" of our national heroes...

Meron din, like si Rizal daw was a playboy, and also the jokes about Bonifacio. Pero hanggang dun lang.

Bakit walang kwenta mga fictions (which can be made into movies) natin? Well, sa tingin ko lang, kasi nga hindi tayo reading type.

So there are two sides: the writers and the audiences. The story writers themselves don't read much. The result is mediocre stories. Creativity and imagination is not enough. Writers have to be well educated and informed.

On the other hand, since the audiences are not educated themselves, they are easily satisfied with mediocre plots.

I don't think fictions about our national heroes would diminish their greatness. On the contrary, it would make them more relevant because people would develop more interest about them.

@carp: totally agree!!!!

@kilo: wow sa tanong! I don't think I'd be able to answer that kung hindi ako makikinig ng lecture nya... sayang ang 10 points XD

so sa tingin nyo.... relevant pa ba si rizal? or is he just another figure that we are required to know?

Quote from: Kilo 1000 on June 15, 2011, 11:38:50 PM
I'm not surprised that controvertial statements would come from the great historian teacher ocampo.
Legendary yang tao na despite his humility.

One of his 10 point essay quizzes:

What is the historical/cultural relevance of Rizal's penis pointed to the right in his underwear in this following picture?

which picture?

For me I think relevant pa rin si Rizal.

More than a century since he devoted his life for his countrymen, where are we now?

Then: corrupt government
Now: corrupt government

Then: Damaso
Now: Damaso

Then: Spaniards and Mestizos (peninsulares and insulares) own the land
Now: oligarchs own the land

Then: uneducated masses
Now: uneducated masses


Any thoughts?
Rizal, PI 100

I remember these as required readings noon:
Rizal Without The Overcoat
Veneration Without Understanding
The Indolence of The Filipino

Yung iba, di ko na maalala. Pero sobrang sarap palagi ng discussions namin dito. Naappreciate ko si Rizal, na-humanize sya hindi kagaya nung paano siya ipinakilala sa akin na para talaga syang fictional character. Tapos yun nga, yung mga issues re appointing a national hero, na-tackle din including yung mga criteria nila in choosing.

Still relevant, yes. As with other superhero movies, kelangan natin ng figure whom we can look up to. Konting push baga. So we can be better, so we can fight for this country and our people. Para pag naiisip mo ng mag-migrate, tingin ka lang kay Rizal sa piso, maaalala mo na kelangan may manguna at lumaban.
Good morning hahahaha. Gutom nako!

^sorry fighting for the country is soooooo overrated. went through the phase of idealism in college of things being better. and then reality hits you hard and you're just meh

^aw. There are meh moments, pero ewan. It's still there. Nawawala minsan pero bumabalik din naman.

ewan kasi when I feel that, sobrang  nanggigil ako gusto ko ipatukhang lahat ng pulitiko. hahaha