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I added moderators to make sure we get rid of spam. As part of being moderators, they have volunteered to help maintain the correct atmosphere at the forums.

Here are Frequently Asked Questions from PGG members:

1. Is porn allowed?

No, porn posts are absolutely NOT allowed. They will be deleted by admin/moderators. We don't want to get our site banned.

2. Are sex topics allowed?

Yes, in moderation, because we have a category for that. However, sex topics should follow the rules below:

a. Topics/Posts should be healthy discussions of do's and dont's regarding straight sexual relationships. This should be a venue to share and to learn what women want from us guys.

b. Sexual solicitation in any form is prohibited.

c. Gay-oriented sex topics are NOT allowed. (Sorry guys, this is a straight male forum)

3. What other types of posts are not allowed at the forums?

a. Threads/posts which are abusive or which threaten other members.

b. Gay-oriented posts. (Guys, I'm sorry I have to draw the line once again. We do not discriminate but this is not a gay website. This is a straight male website hence the name Pinoy Guy Guide. We do not want to scare straight readers away.)

c. Posts that are spam in any form.

d. Posts with blatant advertising.

e. Posts which are off-topic.

Have other questions? Let me know so that I could add to this list.

Note: Pinoy Guy Guide Forums Team (admin and moderators) reserves the right to modify, alter, delete any threads or posts not complying to PGG policies, with or without written notice or explanation.

what should be done with off-topic posts?

what's on your mind?

May I suggest to ban posters who do type in a "jejemon" way or purposely misspell a word out of convenience (txtspeak)???

^ my suggestion is to delete posts. but it would be too tedious for moderators to do that...

what's wrong with those words??? Please expound and site any rule in this forum or in the country that prohibits people from oding that???


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