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North Korea and South Korea

Started by carpediem, November 24, 2010, 12:02:55 AM

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South Korean minister of defense resigned because of slow response and poor readiness.

On the other hand, top officials responsible for the Quirino hostage fiasco are still enjoying their government posts.


One document from the leaked US cables by WikiLeaks says that China may accept the reunification of Korea if N. Korea collapses. China is reportedly exasperated with N. Korea acting like a spoiled child.


^ andaming na-uncover dun sa WikiLeaks galing sa mga news cables.


^Astig na wikileaks hahaha.

In reunification, they're talking about a federal Korean government wherein the north remains a communist state headed by the Kims, and the south remains as it is, headed by a president. but both administrations will be under one president.

But given the history of the Kim family (jong iL and NK's founder, iL Sung), I think this proposal will not work for both Koreas. North Korea is Machiavellian --the end justifies the means. It hence, will take all risks so as to get that presidency of the korean peninsula, and push for other measures in favor of communism and Kim iL Sung's "juche" ideology (lahat daw ng kailangan nila, kaya nilang i-provide para sa sarili nila, and other ideas)

One Korea has to relinquish its sovereignty to the other. I just hope it will be the North....