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34th Filmfest movies

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may napanood na ba kayo?

any comments/feedback?

plan to watch: baler, tanging ina, desperadas and/or one night only

Merry Christmas PGG members.

Ako wala pa. Gusto ko rin yung mga nabanggit mo na movies.

i watched the Tanging Ina yesterday...

its perfect for sad people....

super funny talaga ang movie...

yun lang...

sa mga malalamig ang pasko better watch it.

well most of the movies highlight comedy.

Ang haba ng pila sa Tangina Ina, kaya my classmates and I opted to watch Desperadas 2 instead, haha.


Well the story is not really funny. Or perhaps because I was expecting too much. Because in my mind: If a movie is a sequel, then perhaps it is because the original story has done good in the box office, enough for it to have a sequel, right ? Ogie’s performance as far as how he portrayed his character is concerned isn’t remarkable. He didn’t really add the factor in this sequel; to think Luga Luda’s character is one highlight of the movie. His performance in making the moviegoers laugh was kind of exxagerated and so it appears to as, as though he tried hard to make us laugh. But honestly, he was irritating.

More of the review can be found here :

Next film to be reviewed: Tanging Ina na siguro.

Kayo guys?


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