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Should you always listen to your parents?

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Should you always listen to your parents? Are they always right?


my parents told not to invite friends at home because they will steal things sa bahay.. I dont belive them..

YES, listen lang naman, hindi mo naman sinabing follow.

Listening to your parents will not only make them feel important, it will also provide you with good insights at times, all of which are brought about by experience.

hmm. mejo exception yata ng parents mo marvin ;)

^^I remember my father got pissed off kase kinorek q xa.. Hehehehe.. Well, kung sa bgay parent xa and parents are absolute correct. Ikaw ba namn eh punahin ng anak mo eh.. xempre mag-iinarte ang pride mo..

@E: Yeah.. pero nung nakilala ko ung mga parents ni K.. I said to myself.. my parents are a lot better.. Hehehehe!


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