Is it Possible to have TRUE Friends here at PGG?

Started by judE_Law, August 05, 2011, 08:04:48 PM

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This is a very interesting article, i hope you guys will find time to read it... tas tanungin niyo sarili niyo.. san na nga ba nakarating ang pagkakaibigan namin?
siguro, masasagot yung mga katanungan like posible bang magkaroon ng tunay na kaibigan dito sa PGG at kung ano rin dapat gawin para mapanatili o mapagyabong pa yung  friendship na meron kayo.

Finding Jewels

An Article from Philipine Panorama dated July 24, 2011 by Abigael S. Vasquez

HIDDEN TREASURES are hard to find. It's like finding a single gem in a pile of stone. So when you find one, treasure it. Keep it. Finding a jewel is like finding a true friend. It is rare. It is hard to find. So when you have one, cultivate it, make it last a lifetime.

How can strangers be friends? We often wonder. For everything begins with "one hello," and before we knew it, the rest is history. Commonly, two or more people weave a string of friendship when they share a common: personality, likes, interests, hobbies, faith, ideology in life and the like.
As we journey back to our communications theory, psychology professors Irwin Altman and dalmas taylor formulated the "Social Penetration Theory" which In one way, explains the process of self-disclosure that one undergoes to form friendships or close relationships with others. In the said theory, four stages must be taken step-by-step to form a lasting friendship. It will all start with the "orientation stage" which is often called as the "small talk" stage where we get to know the basic information about the person. If this process succeeds, then they can get to the next stage which is the "exploratory affective." This is the time when two people begin feeling comfortable with each other that they may start to reveal some things about themselves, but not ready for the whole truth yet. This stage is also known as "casual friendship" wherein many relationships may not go past from this stage forward. If the relationship becomes successful passing through this stage, they may reach the "affective stage" where private and personal matters are already being discussed. Criticisms and arguments may arise at this stage and when they surpass all these, the end result would be to reach the "stable stage." This is the stage when we already predict each other's emotional reactions. If problems are surpassed, then the relationship will stand still but if it didn't, it has the tendency to undergo "depenetartion" a process where the relationship breaks down due to various reasons.
A friend is defined in Proverbs 17:17 as someone "born when there is adversity and sticks closer than a brother." A confidant. An ally. A person who can understand us. A person who will be there through thick or thin. For sure, that is something that we look for in a friend. And it is not always easy. But we can find one if we ourselves will try to be one. A true friend. A real friend.

How can we be friend to others? Start with a smile. Be ready to share and open-up. We must also learn to adjust, for there is always something unlikable that we will find in another person. Just think this way: if we find something odd with them, they, in the same way may find something odd in us, too. Always remeber that in any relationship, we should learn to give and take.

Is friendship limited to people of our age-group? No. A lot of experiences in show business, in the bible and even in real-life may prove that age doesn't matter in friendship. Take into consideration the examples of Carmi Martin and Gladys Reyes, David and Jonathan, and other people whom you know personally who have withstood friendships with someone older or younger than they are. Building friendships with someone older than us is a learning experience. With their edge in knowledge and experiences, they have a lot to share and to teach us. Bonding with the young ones gives us the nostalgia as we remember the days when we are young, but at least, when we are with them, we don't get out of tune, we will still keep that youthful vigor and glow.

Is platonic friendship between a man and a woman possible? Yes. As long as the two of you define the boundaries of your friendship, then being friends and just friends is possible. You may even be surprised that sometimes, the best friend you have long been looking for can be found in the members of the opposite sex.

Making friends is challenging and keeping them is hard all the more, but with the patience, effort and sacrifices, it will be all worthwhile and possible. No matter how far the distance or how long the time elapses between the two of you, keep the line of communication open and you'll see that maybe one or two will withstand the test  of time, and you have found that one true friend that you have always wanted.

" But when my desire is to be a friend, I'm thinking about other people -- I'm thinking about how I could be caring and how I could love them more than myself.." - ctan :)

Quote from: MaRfZ on August 06, 2011, 10:39:48 PM
" But when my desire is to be a friend, I'm thinking about other people -- I'm thinking about how I could be caring and how I could love them more than myself.." - ctan :)


katamad basahin.. bukod sa mahaba na eh english pa. hehe
well for me, you can have TRUE FRIENDS where ever you go as long as you are TRUE to yourself and true to them. Kahit na anong means pa yan, whether text, forums, FB, google+ or kahit na anong forms of social networking sites.

Quote from: mheekowh on August 08, 2011, 04:09:37 AM
thanks for posting jude.. you make me sad  :(

huh? bakit naman?

Quote from: darkstar13 on August 08, 2011, 08:49:20 AM
thanks Jude.

and gaya ng sabi mo, we owe our friendship to Chris.
PGG was the reason why we met and became friends.

Many 'friends' have come and gone, and I admit, I lost the desire to post anymore.
But you made me realise that they were not the reason why I joined PGG.
And to be active again is my only way of giving back and thanking Chris and PGG
for the friendship I have with you.

To both of you, thanks.

thanks E!
i am glad your back.
sa ngayon, i-enjoy na lang muna natin ulit pagpo-post dito...
am sure marami pang magiging miyembro ang PGG na magiging kaibigan din natin.

Kahit saan naman pwede. Hindi na kailangan magpasalamat pa sa forums na ito

Quote from: solomon on August 15, 2011, 04:37:46 AM
Kahit saan naman pwede. Hindi na kailangan magpasalamat pa sa forums na ito

hmm... i have found new friends here..

sa tingin ko dapat lang magpasalamat din ako dito.

in everything give salamat din naman sa friendship dito...actually its more on being a friend na galing sa atin... sabi nga if youre looking for friendship be a friend first and youll end up having one....

yes it is possible. but you never know how "true" they can be unless you had a chance to check.

I'm so blessed having wonderful friends, that's what should i thank for.
Walang hinihinging kapalit, wala din kung anong estado sa buhay.