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Is it Possible to have TRUE Friends here at PGG?

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thanks for posting jude.. you make me sad  :(

duh? of course!

katamad basahin.. bukod sa mahaba na eh english pa. hehe
well for me, you can have TRUE FRIENDS where ever you go as long as you are TRUE to yourself and true to them. Kahit na anong means pa yan, whether text, forums, FB, google+ or kahit na anong forms of social networking sites.


--- Quote from: mheekowh on August 08, 2011, 04:09:37 AM ---thanks for posting jude.. you make me sad  :(

--- End quote ---

huh? bakit naman?

--- Quote from: darkstar13 on August 08, 2011, 08:49:20 AM ---thanks Jude.

and gaya ng sabi mo, we owe our friendship to Chris.
PGG was the reason why we met and became friends.

Many 'friends' have come and gone, and I admit, I lost the desire to post anymore.
But you made me realise that they were not the reason why I joined PGG.
And to be active again is my only way of giving back and thanking Chris and PGG
for the friendship I have with you.

To both of you, thanks.

--- End quote ---

thanks E!
i am glad your back.
sa ngayon, i-enjoy na lang muna natin ulit pagpo-post dito...
am sure marami pang magiging miyembro ang PGG na magiging kaibigan din natin.



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