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yup, they are worth checking esp julius but you'd find very limited info if you'll search the interwebs. usually these pieces are discussed on those forums that i mentioned.

SZ snooty definitely yes, but not they'll frown on cheap wardrobe its more because you don't adhere to their style.... itwhat they have accoplished is what most style/fshion forums dream of - have their own printed magazine and the guys behind SZ was able to pull it off and even have designers like rick owens on board. plebes/noobie certainly copy their style from the veterans. some even developed betters sense of style than the ones they emulated. but certainly no one ever copied from a magazine... heck some of the styles rarely come out of the magazines even GQ or esquire.... ngayon na lang when the classic americana - chambray, raw selvedge denim, boatshoes, DBs, plaids/flannels.... is picking up again and even goth ninjas. pero sa may mga least known magazine like sa japan has been covering such styles. nope not talking about k-pop and j-pop styles or those you seen on TV and their boy bands.

it's not just the sneakers that the fast fashion labels have copied majority of their clothing line are inspired by those avantgarde designers. i'm not condemning the practice since i also feel like i won  the lottery if i found similarly styled ensemble that was snatched from runway ;) the only thing i hate is they mark-up their prices... cmon mediocre fabric, cuts inspired by real design house and they still charge an arm and leg. good thing there's F21, H&M and uniqlo. and sometimes they collaborate with designers like H&M x lanvin and Uniqlo x jil sander.... definitely best bang for the buck and on limited run. kaya 1 day lang sold-out agad and triple na sa ebay resellers.

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    • Stylismo etc.
I do have my blog for Fashion. You can visit it if you want :)

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pgg lang alam ko  ;D