Attention-Grabbing Belt Buckles

Started by ramillav, July 22, 2012, 07:23:44 AM

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Where can I buy an interesting and attention-grabbing belt buckles?

Yung mid-price lang.

unless it's for a costume, i would strongly discourage you from too much attention-grabbing buckles. They were a fad from more than 10 years ago. I recommend slimmer belts with sleeker but interesting buckles. When I see some guy wearing a huge attention-grabbing buckle I immediately disagree with their choices.

Kung buckle lang, for a price point of 500 somesuch pesos you can find something in SM department store.

I find that Zara has some of the most interesting (and matibay) belts and they're on sale at the moment (1k+).

Uniqlo (MOA) carries some nice stuff too. Marks & Spencer is currently on sale and they have surprisingly stylish belts even if I don't like most everything else in their store.

Hindi naman yung malaking belt-buckle na pang-Malboro man. Ayoko rin nun, dahil slim ako. Yung interesante lang, crafty, artsy, di masyadong commercialized, yung tipong pwedeng conversation piece.