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Started by SuperBazor, December 23, 2012, 11:50:35 PM

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You were walking in darkness going down signifies you have insuffiecient information to make a decision and do not rush. After that, you were still walking downwards and you were in a jungle/forest which means some aspects of yourself and your personality that may be inhibited. You may be experiencing chaos and unpredictable circumstances in your waking life. Then you continue more and you where walking on corpse and scattered around means an aspect of yourself has died or you are inexpressive. You have shut yourself down and are dead inside. Then you arrive and talk to Lucifer. Talking to the devil suggest you will find certain  temptations hard to resist even though you know it is not your interest. Then you talked to angels. Angels symbolizes purity, protection and consolation. What I am not sure is if it is a coincidence that the angels are talking about temptations too that is the same as the devil symbolizes. Alternatively, angels could represent disturbance in your soul because of your mean hearted activities.

I am not sure of interpreting your dream because I do not know your current life situation and your RECENT situations. But judging by the interpretations, I have a hunch that you had a relationship trouble but, I cannot say that for sure. Dreams can hold a lot of meanings and ONLY the dreamer can interpret his correctly because only he/she understand what he/she felt currently on his/her waking life. So I have two conclusions, it's either you had a relationship trouble or you had a carreer trouble. Besides.... You said it before.. "I've been true hell and back. I succeeded on my own."

Wish I helped somehow. Buenos Noche!

^I luv that my quote! Hahahaha!!

career.. malabo iyon kase namamayagpag ako sa career. Siguro somewhat relationship.. I had a feeling na laging mali yung napapasok kong relationships. Tapos yung tamang relationship yung dumaan, inignore ko lang..

temptations.. hmm.. siguro ganito..
1. im tempted to think about a person that i used to know..
2. im tempted to buy a luxury vehicle..
3. im tempted to eat chocolate.

so far, yan lang yung mga temptations ko.

You are tempted to think about the person you use to know..... That's a little deep. A person usually remembers someone who has left a very valuable memory or a very life changing lesson. Your dream can also be about your relationship to a co-worker or co-workers. It could also be with your friends or family. In your personal feelings? I am not sure... Maybe you are regretting that you bought something very expensive but you are unsatisfied with it? I don't know.... And by the way IDOL na IDOL ko kayo. whahaha.

^yung valuable memory. merong kasamang hate iyon. hehehe.

Oh.... Mas malalim pa pala kesa sa inaakala ko..... Well.... I am kinda getting some more ideas.... It seems you are tempted to see him/her again and you have insufficient information to decide.... The relevance of the other dream elements such as the jungle in which you are in unpredictable circumstances and the corpse symbolizes inexpressive which could be cause by lack of information. There was a warning of temptations but the darkness came first so it could be you were tempted already and you were tempted by a more complex circumstance.

the temptation is like a fire.. you might burn.. but it feels so harm that's why I'm considering to return.

^gulo ko noh? hehehehe!

I had to this weird dream.. I was in the dark then there's this techno sound background sa paligid tapos napapalibutan ako ng mga taong naka-americana pero nakatakip yung mukha nila ng pulang box. tapos umiindak sila habang nakahawak sa ulo na parang masakit ang ulo.. Tapos merong boses ng babae na madidinig sa dilim ng paligid.. "Set me free... Set me free.."

^wow! hindi nmn angel ang dream ko ngayon.

I felt it very ironic that this dream is still connected to your OLD dream.... In the end you said there was a woman.... A woman symbolizes either love and caring nature or temptation and guilt. The darkness part still bothers me.... I feel that you are still not fully consciously aware of some HIDDEN things happening around you because, any repetitive dreams or parts of dreams are telling you something... The techno and darkness? I take that as a disco or a prom and it means you need to socialize more(Disco) and if it is prom, it means an end and the beginning of something else. It refers to A CYCLE and passage of time.... But, the people na nakaamericana sa paligid mo at may box na red sa ulo nila ay part na I am not sure dahil di ko alam current situation mo. Pero hypothesis ko ay, Yung mga tao ay nagrerepresent ng culture and sophistication but since may box sa mukha ay di mo makikila sila. The box means may tinatago sila mula sa iyo at hawak nila iyon dahil importante iyon. The color of the box could mean, anger, love, violence or power. So I guess may mga tao sa paligid mo na di ka aware na may tinatago sa iyong importante. Since it could be a disco or a prom, it could mean na nasa soical circle mo lang sila. Last thing.... the people dancing around symbolizes celebration or an attempt to achieve happiness.

(PS: I am just a 4th year student. If you find my response off the reality, please feel welcomed to disregard it. HEHEHE)

^hmm.. speaking of which.. parang wala nakong social life.. I mean, yung tipong pag-uwi sa bahay, wala nang outsider akong nakakatext or encounter.. kelangan ang social life kasi part ng work ko pero non-personal. pero note na i dont mind it sa im busy playing PS3.

hmm... merong mga itinatago ang mga tao sa paligid ko.. As of now, walang ibang tao sa puso ko kundi ako lang but it doesn't make me feel lonely. maybe i'm finding love pero hindi siya priority. money-matters ang priority sa buhay ko as of now.

meron ulit akong napanaginipan. i think hindi nman ito related sa mga previous dream..

bale asa ospital ako at pinapanood ko yung teenager na lalaki na naghihinagpis dahil papanaw na ang nanay nya.

me: mukhang nasa death bed na siya..
nanay: ang sakit ng ulo ko.. ang sakit-sakit..

tapos biglang tumayo yung nanay sa kama nya..

biglang inalis nung payat na ale yung bao ng bungo nya at itinapon. So kita ang brain nya. tapos hinubad nya yung hospital gown nya at itinapon. Napansin ko na nagdudugo/nireregla siya? Tpos sumuka sya ng dugo ng madming madami. Tapos bigla syang bumagsak padapa dun sa kama nya. hindi na siya gumagalaw. patay na siya..

nagising ako ng 3:30 ng madaling araw.

To see or dream that you are in a hospital symbolizes your need to heal or improve your physical or mental health. You need to get back to the flow of everyday life. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you are giving up control of your own body. Perhaps you are afraid of losing control of your body. Then the death....If you see a stranger die in your dream, then it implies that you are feeling detached from the changes that are happening around you......

I find your dreams vary by how you end your day..... It is still somewhat connected but It is worsening... At first you were unaware but now.... you are starting to detached.... It's looks like you have finally reached a decision.....

yes. kailangan ko ngang i-improve ang health ko. because of xmas, nagkaron aq 20kg of fat. damn! so nag-sstart na akong magdiet to lose weight lalo na sa summer.

dun nmn sa controlling the body, baliktad iyon. ako na ngayon ang nagdedecide para sa katawan ko at hindi yung mismong ktawan ko. na-tetempt aqng kumain ng carbs pero pinipigilan ko.

Quotet you are feeling detached from the changes that are happening around you
ito, hindi ko maintindihan..

decision.. hmm... madami akong ginagawang decision everyday.. i wonder which one?

i had a dream. but all i can remember was a snake wrapped around my room's doorknob. if i'm not mistaken, i think it was a red-tailed boa constrictor.

may napanaginipan ako.. bale may kausap daw akong 3 teen girls. di ko sure kung japanese sila o korean..
english ang usapan,then suddenly sumakit ngipin ko, may lumabas na parang lizard sa ngipin ko..lol