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Started by joshgroban, January 25, 2013, 12:19:18 AM

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^ang importante dito ay maging masaya ka.


Alam ko naman bigla biglang bumubuhos ang grasya.... "When it rains, it pours.... And when it pours... It floods..... Then there is the rainbow after the rain."

Think positive.... Think positive.... I am happy dahil mas may concern pa kayo kesa sa mga classmates ko. whahaha.


^one day, masasabi mo na "i've been thru hell and back!"


life is so precious guys and its not in our hands to take it away... simple lang naman ang buhay we have to be productive and enjoy the things na nagpapasaya sa atin... wag natng taasan ang expectations sa iba kasi madi dissapoint talaga tayo ...maraming asshole (sorry for the word) but this is the world we live in...marami din namang mababait at matinong tao..we should not allow this world to corrupt us... instead make an effort to make it a better world where hope dreams do come true... have faith in God first thats the key ye first the kingdom matthew 6:33... again be productive....and enjoy the fruit of your labor...


at bigla aqng npacomment

heal the world, make it a better place.. for u and for me and the entire human race. there r people dien' whoa! if we care enough for the living. make it a better place for u and for me.. u and for me. u and for me ... u and for me..


haha actually napapakanta nga rin ako kanina...wahahahah


^i bet parang sinamahan mo ng mga halinghing ni michael jackson un habang kumakanta. bawawahahahahaha!!


Very well said Daddy Monch..... Well I will do my best to strive hard.... Having a hard time trying to do so without a reason.


Una dasal ka lang na sana malampasan mo yung depression na nararamdaman mo...
Try niyo lang...
May kakaibang feeling kapag pinakikinggan ko yung Desert Rose by Sting.

jelo kid

mag'karaoke kasama ang kaibigan(singing songs from the 90's.. bawal ang malulungkot na kanta)..ganito ginawa ko dati,effective naman

Kilo 1000

I've seen depression to a point that it is debilitating.
I've seen plenty tried killing themselves or hurting other people just because they have lost hope. It is so easy for normal people to say that all you need is to pray to God, relax...but they're ignorant to the fact that these people already need intervention that whatever you say no longer matter.
Depression is a big downward spiral of Lost hope, feelings of worthlessness, lack of sleep, inability to do things. Sometimes people would start doing things to make themselves happy as a defense mechanism. But oftentimes this develop to a Bipolar Disorder in which they themselves become irritable and start doing things with no care.
A lot of these people start gambling really hard, fucking everything they see without protection, buying stuff on the malls on credit... etc.
And when they realize the out of this world activity they have done caused them more trouble (e.g. Huge Debt, Sexually Transmitted Disease, Loss of job). they further sink in to a worse depression than before.
This cycle continues until the person becomes unable to tolerate himself/herself and starts comitting suicide.

These people need psychiatric help and No amount of prayer/talk will help them unless they're brought to a professional.


And that is.... awful... hahaha. It's awkward too... hahaha


i used to see a psychologist secretly when i was early 20s ata iyon.. and with kilo's help.. i was able to heal myself..

heal the world.. make it a better place. for you and for me and the entire human race.


^why? i wonder what happened to a like of marvinthefaintsmile during his very vibrant, dynamic early 20's. well, was it?

i had depression for nearly two years. and when i look back at it, i feel pathetic. XD


Quote from: sayonara on March 18, 2013, 11:55:33 AM
^why? i wonder what happened to a like of marvinthefaintsmile during his very vibrant, dynamic early 20's. well, was it?

i had depression for nearly two years. and when i look back at it, i feel pathetic. XD

drama all day.. drama all night.. with a lot of fucks with various girls that have different dramas in there lives.

you have to listen to the song "i've been to paradise but i've never been to me." the song sums up my life back then.