Fact or Fiction: Specters and Spirits?

Started by sayonara, January 28, 2013, 05:31:42 PM

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Do specters/spirits/ghosts belong to the bizarre plane of fiction, or do they really exists and are rock-solid facts?

Nope. Ghosts belong to the movies. We need to get a life, seriously.
Yeah, they're real! I've seen one, and unless I'm schizophrenic, believe.
Hehe for my abnormal psychology activity. Please participate. :D

Never experienced it once.... Probably they hate noisy person like me. Hahaha

I've actually seen things like those. Isang human figure sa kuwarto namin when we were camping sa Bagiuo, I do not believe my eyes though, I think na my eyes were just deceiving me. And because of my very weird imagination, I think that I am just seeing things that my mind created. lol.

Quote from: marvinofthefaintsmile on January 29, 2013, 08:55:32 AM
madami naqng nakitang ganyan.

ako din madami-dami na... sa TV/DVD hehehe

Seriously, in my opinion, if nakakakita ka ng anu-anu, well I guess... your mind plays tricks on you.

hindi nmn sila horror figure like u see on tv. ang mga ghost na nkikita q eh mga ordinaryong tao na nakadamit naman. nakatayo lang sila at nakatingin.. pero kpag nilingon mo, biglang nawawala. minsn, nkkta q dn cla sa side mirror pag bumibiyahe aq.

may kanta nyan eh..

specter mills. I can't attempt to point u in her direction! I didn't see her walking out of the door. If I had taken my time, she'll be standing here still. specter mills! specter!