Are you happy with the selected Pope?

Started by john_bee19, March 14, 2013, 05:34:53 AM

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Now that they have chosen a new pope. Are you happy with their selected candidate?

You think Pope Francis deserves it?

meh. even if it was Tagle, still meh. finally, my the term is over. no more philosophical papers. XD

but Jorge Mario Bergoglio is indeed a simple fella.

somewhat. kahit sino pa yan basta magampanan nya tungkulin nya ok na yun.

Tama ka jan. His responsibility is very daunting since he is the new head of the Catholic head, I hope he can do something about all the bad things that's been plaguing the Church.

i believe the spirit of God will be upon more of thankful...

basta dapat maexpose na yung Vatileaks! If not, kailan pa? kung wala namang masama o walang katotohanan dun bakit di nila maexpose..o maidefend man lang kung talagang kasinungalingan ang mga yun? tsk tsk