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shoes shoes shoes :)

Started by toffer, October 02, 2008, 11:43:58 PM

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Quote from: Lanchie on January 14, 2014, 04:14:48 AM
I've promised myself not to buy any rip offs anymore. They cost less, like a quarter of the cost, but can't last that long. I'm trying to commit to buy new pairs every calendar quarter... kung di aatakihin ng kakuriputan.

Tama! Thats the point. buying something that is expensive and so called branded seems to be a rip off kung may counterpart naman na same quality and quantity.

I mean why would you buy a Php5k worth of leather shoes kung may alternative naman na same quality diba. I know that sometimes inuuna natin loyalty natin sa brand but there are instances na budgets forbids this. haha.

Bsta so long as may alternative then give it a try.


As long as the quality isn't compromised, keri na. Plus aesthetics, of course.


Maganda din pala yung Sperry Topsider


i like the worn down brown leather. ahaha and it's a bit of a classic look.

nigi nigi nu noos

I'm partial to simple and classic sneakers. And my preferred brand is PUMA.


Fila seems to be having sales all year round. Any feedback on them?


For the shoes, I realized all of the 20 pairs that I have are sneakers/rubber shoes kasi I don't wear a dress shoe or brogues at work or party. So, I've decided to give away the others I don't like and trim the rubber shoes collection to 11 pairs hehe. I need to buy at least one pair of brogue, one pair of desert boots and one pair of dress shoes. I dont like espadrilles type of shoes and the like hehe

rubbershoes I retain are hitop chucks, nike sb's, tennis shoes, basketball shoes, running shoes, gym shoes, boat shoes and low cut sneakers na i can wear for malling and the like...


giving out shoes! penge naman! hahahah


I already gave some basketball and tennis shoes to my colleagues and some sneakers to friends  :P


I'm in neither category. hahahha


Right now I have one old sperry shoes na ang tibay tlga heheh then isang  accel basketball shoes. Pero dream ko tlga magkaron ng collection ng All nike air jordan retro shoes  :'( :'( :'( !! Kelan kaya ako yayaman para makabili nun!  :'(


Today i bought my new sneakers from Levis brand and i am gonna loving them. These are casual shoes with jeans top and are quite comfortable to wear.


eh yung shoes sa payless? ano masasabi niyo guys?


I'm enjoying my HH (Helly Hansen) shoes. Sarap sa talampakan! :-)

Ok din yung Lacoste sneakers ko. Masarap pang malling lang. Hahaha.

For comfort, the best naman ang Crocs closed shoes. Masarap gamitin pag nagrounds sa ospital. :-)

And isa pa yung Sperry topsider, maganda din ang feels sa paa.


I love shoes. My fave brands are Geox, Clarks, Zara, Converse, Sperry, Sebago.