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pac-mom as she debuts at 60


this is a forwarded message to me:

GENERAL SANTOS CITY, Philippines—Dionisia Pacquiao was
dazzling in her pricey violet gown as she danced vibrantly
for more than two hours Friday evening.

There was no question she was the star of the night --
she was buoyant, elegant and exuded an aura of confidence.

Even her son, Manny, stayed on the sidelines as she gave
off her own brilliance. In some ways, it was her coming out party.

"It was like a debut," she gushed in an interview on
dzMM’s Teleradyo program the following morning.

After all, it was her show.

The exuberant Dionisia never showed any sign of
aging as she moved gracefully on the dance floor.
The music switched from cha-cha to tango, from swing to waltz and there she was,
showing all she had learned from her dance instructors.

When her dance show was over, the crowd was apparently astounded.

During her 60th birthday dance show, Dionisia
got accolades and appreciation. In her children's eyes,
there was a reflection of gratitude for single-handedly raising all six of them.

Right after she finished her special dance number,
the Phela Grande Convention Hall turned into a ballroom of non-stop dancing.

Even Manny, the new Ring magazine and International
Boxing Organization Junior Welterweight champ, joined the
fray, which started around 10:00 p.m.

When Dionisia arrived around 7:50 p.m. in her pink gown,
the Phela Convention Center -- adroned pink and lavender balloons --
was already filled with guests, members of the Pacquiao family, their friends, relatives, and many more.

There were also those who had no tickets but were allowed
to come in just the same. By estimate, the number of people in attendance was roughly 600.

It was Manny who personally fetched her from the East Asia Royale Hotel.

As the mother and son entered the venue of one of
the city's grandest birthday celebrations, the crowd cheered and applauded.

Manny escorted her up the stage, where a lone d
ecorated chair was set up.

In her long pink gown, Dionisia visibly felt
she was on top of the world as she watched over
the crowd from elevated position.

One by one, the Pacquiao family and their relatives greeted her.

Manny's wife, Jinky, was the first to greet Dionisia,
followed by the Pacquiao siblings - Liza, Doming, Isidra, Bobby and Rogelio.

Dionisia's 87-year-old mother -- Cristina Dapigran --
was also there but her estranged husband, Rosalio, did not show up despite having been invited.

When it was Manny's turn to speak, the crowd suddenly
became silent.

"Sa'yo 'Ma, maraming salamat po sa buhay na ibinigay
n'yo at sa pagpapalaki n'yo sa amin. Walang Manny Pacquiao kung wala kayo.
Salamat din po sa mga dasal n'yo at sana bigyan pa kayo ng
Panginoon ng mahaba pang buhay," Manny said.

He then belted out two songs -- "Mapalad Ka" and "Lahing Pilipino" --
to the delight of the crowd.

Dionisia rose from her seat and hugged and kissed Manny.

She also thanked him for the fame, prestige and
blessings that he brought to the Pacquiao family.

After dinner, she put on her imported lavender
dance gown then took to the floor.

A source told reporters that Manny spent between
P300,000 and P500,000 for his mother's 60th birthday celebration.
The amount did not include birthday presents and other incidental expenses,
including the plane fare of relatives who flew in from various parts of the country.
One of them even flew all the way from the United States.

manghihina ka ba kung ganyan ka na kayaman??


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