ways to protect yourself to H1N1

Started by badboyjr, May 18, 2009, 01:30:00 AM

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Ways to protect yourself from swine flu virus

1. Sanitize -- i.e. Wash Your Hands Frequently.
It may sound obvious, but hand-washing with
soap and water for around 20 seconds is the single
best thing you can do (if you're going to go out into the
world and interact with other human beings).
The CDC estimates that 80 percent of all infections are spread by hands.
If you can't wash your hands regularly,
try hand-sanitizers with 60 percent alcohol content.

2. Avoid -- i.e. Engage in "Social Distancing."
That's the fancy term for reducing unnecessary social contact,
staying away from crowds, and avoiding people
if you're sick or if you're concerned that they may be infected.
It may not be especially practical when you have to go to, say, work,
but experts believe it's worth repeating: Isolation and avoidance
reduce your chances of getting infected or infecting others.

(Researchers in the UK - mentioned above and sponsored
by a cold remedy company - found that 99 percent of commuters
suffer at least one cold per winter. By contrast,
58 percent of people who work from home and 88
per cent of those who walk to work caught a cold last winter).

If you need to go someplace crowded, the CDC says,
try to spend as little time as possible and try to stay
six feet away from potentially infected people.
Wearing a surgical or dental facemask -
cleared by the FDA as a medical device -
"can help prevent some exposures," the CDC says, but they're not foolproof.

3. Be Alert -- i.e. Recognize the Symptoms and Get Help.
Swine flu symptoms are similar to regular flu: Fever, body aches,
sore throat, cough, runny nose, vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy.
If you don't feel well, seek medical attention.
So far, it's important to note, this swine flu is treatable
(and absolutely survivable). It's resistant to two of four
antiviral drugs approved for combating the flu: Symmetrel
and Flumadine. But two newer antivirals - Tamiflu and Relenza - appear to work.

Start to protect yourself now. In this way maingatan mo rin family mo  ::) ;D

yung iba they wear takip sa bibig...
parang walang effect yata ito hehe..

Iwasan munang sumakay ng mrt and lrt trains....

umiwas kayo sumakay sa LRT ..dadaan ng LA SALLE yun hehe...
may student daw dun na infected na ng H1N1...

grabe...napaka sosyal ng sakit na ito ...La salle ang napili
pang international tlga....