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health update: threat of swine influenza H1N1

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This is just to give you more information on the recent
global threat of swine influenza pandemic.

In response to cases of human illnesses caused by swine influenza
and reports of human-to-human infection on Mexico,
the World Health Organization (WHO) is coordinating the global
response to human cases of swine influenza A (H1N1)
and monitoring the corresponding threat of an influenza pandemic.

WHO has published a factsheet which looks
at the following frequently asked questions:

• What is swine influenza?
• What are the implications for human health?
• Where have human cases occurred?
• How do people become infected?
• Is it safe to eat pork meet and products?
• What about the pandemic risk?
• Is there a human vaccine to protect swine influenza?
• What drugs are available for treatment?

Our Department of Health (DoH) is already taking surveillance
and preventive measures to address this issue. In fact,
DoH already ordered a ban on pork imports from the United States and Mexico as a precaution.

Although there is still no case of swine flu in the Philippines,
DoH provided some tips to avoid the spread of the virus:

- Avoid “beso-beso” or social kissing;

- swine flu is transmitted through droplet infection and physical contact;

- refrain from shaking hands, bussing cheeks, and hugging;

- cover your mouth and noses when sneezing;

- wash your hands after shaking hands with other people.

DoH advised the public that it is safe to eat pork meat and products.
You don’t get swine flu from eating pork.

According to DoH swine flu symptoms are: common flu,
include fever, sore throat, sore muscles and diarrhea.

U.S. Human Cases of Swine Flu Infection
(As of April 27, 2009 1:00 PM ET) State # of laboratory
confirmed cases
California 7 cases
Kansas 2 cases
New York City 28 cases
Ohio 1 case
Texas 2 cases
TOTAL COUNT 40 cases

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ingat ingat tayo mga tsong .... ;)

nkapasok na pala sa pinas ang virus na to.


lets us pray na lang.


i underestimated influenzaH1N1
i thought di nya tayo kayang pasukin. yung sars nga diba di naman ata tayo na invade. but then influenza blah blah proved me wrong. halaaa.

may lalabas pa raw na mas malakas na version nito according to the news...
we have to take responsibility
ingat ingat ....


Tingin niyo gawa kaya to ng mga bioterrorist???Gaya ng antharx???


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