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MAITIM NA SINGIT: ano ang solusyon?

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after that last reply from me... i tried maxipeel... at nagpeel xa... it worked, it lightened up to two shades... but it's a really painful process... ang hapdi... but may nakapagsabi sakin na kung maitim talaga ang singit mo, iitim din daw yan after few months na napaputi mo... which i don't reli believe, kasi we are not born having darker skin tone in the groin area kumpara sa other parts natin dba... tingnan neu ang mga babies, pantay diba?

I would recommend cocoa butter lotion from Vaseline or any other brands, and also lose some weight, the primary cause of dark groin area is the rubbing of the skin on that area. Maxipeel and other exfoliants are too harsh for the skin. You can also use Tretinoin cream .025 or .05 along with the lotion i mentioned earlier to avoid too much peeling. Tretinoin is better in cream form rather that in liquid form (ex. Maxipeel).


Ano po ba dapat gawin if nasunog yung singit because of maxipeel solution #1?? Any advice po?


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