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Anung preferred ninyong pabango?

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Hi eveyone!
Tanong ko lang kung ano favorite ninyong brand ng men's perfume? Sa asawa ko kasi CK eternity for men galing Comment kayo sa baba for new suggestions! :D

Pinaka matagal kong nagamit eh FLUID at 11:55 ng Oxygen

Davidoff Champion, Bvlgari Aqua Marine and Lacoste White/Blanc are what I use now for work depending on my mood, the type of weather outside and the event/location I'll be going to. The Body Shop's White Musk for Men and White Musk Sport are good alternatives if you just want to chill and relax. But Acqua De Gio will always remain as my favorite. Polo Blue Sport is something that I want to purchase soon!

Polo Sport is really a classic.

halata namang nagpopromote lang ng website tong ts.


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