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its another Q&A.

answer the question, and shoot another.

any topic you want to ask. parang helpdesk?

ha? sounds cheesy parang this or that lang ..LOLS

ok let me start with this.

Do you think the Philippines has a chance to change? Explain.

opcors! change is inevitable. with the looks of it, it really is STILL possible.
the money just needs to go to the right places and not in someone's pocket. easy to say hard to implement.
meron na bagong PNR. a very efficient transportation system can be a good telltale sign of a good economy. we are getting there, hopefully.

WHO is your inspiration and why?

Prince Pao:
my MOM.. wondermom nga siya para sa akin eh. kargo niya lahat..
but everything's gonna change.. soon.. hehe

Do you believe that the world has planned out something big for you?


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