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Started by angelo, July 16, 2009, 09:42:24 AM

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12 years old.

What do like about being yourself now? Would you want to have done something instead in the past to make you a better person now?

i wish i took a job right after graduation. the days after graduation and before my board exams were emotional turning points that I wished I did not explore. ;)

how would you describe your relationship with your parents?

I'll go haunt some food outside.. Use some hand crafted axes. Probably I'll slash someone here. Hehehe XD

What is your greatest regret in life?

gambling hard on a long distance relationship

what is your greatest contribution to our society?

hmm.. wala namang malinaw.. I have personal problems to deal with first.. Hehehe..

What's on your mind these past few days?

something that shouldn't be there in the first place. I can't seem to shake this one off. ugh @_@

when was the last time you cried

last week away pag ibig  ;D


eto ang SALAMIN ng BUHAY.. ano sasabihin mo sa taong nakikita mo ngayun?

Hmm.. Anong mga task natin today at work? Meron ba tayong na-miss out? What are the risks we have?

What's your lowest point in your life? what happened?

The lowest point in my life was that short dark moment during college. Everything happened altogether. My parents got separated, I rebelled and got stripped off my scholarship. I lived in a dormitory but was deprived of food because my family couldn't pay for dorm food expenses. I walked instead of commuting due to financial constraints. Yet I took a very happy facade. I was still smiling, loquacious, and vibrant me. Yet deep inside, I am a bleeding creature - disintegrating to a point of failed suicide. It was even made darker because the friends I have does not even seem to know I am a struggling human. All because of this facade.

Yuck, senti.

What do you want achieved in the next 10 years?

to set up my own business

OT: doc! nakita ko nanaman yang "happy facade" na yan XD

in your life, what do you consider you best mistake

probably when I was still in college missing school just to watch marimar the result failure due to absences lol ;D

if you will be in the future and be given a chance to talk to your son what would you say?

Son of marvin o' d faint smile.. what's your profession!!
Son: Awu! Awuu!

what are the things that are important to you right now?

the people around me. next to that are my instruments

how did you end your first romantic relationship

nabasted aq.. tpos i convince myself the fact na hinde nya ako gusto.. and its over na..

ikaw? anu nmn ung sa yo?

Lumipat ako ng school. Di na kami nakapag-usap after, ayun hanggan sa nawala na. :(

Naniniwala ka ba na pwedeng magkaroon ng best friend kahit nagkakilala lang kayo online?