Please Help Bleaching Cream :)

Started by JennyJen, February 17, 2014, 05:50:25 PM

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Hi guys, do you know where can I buy Sally Hansen Facial Hair Cream Bleach? I used to buy that in SM department store or Landmark Trinoma. But now as in they are out of stock for 5 months already, one saleslady said they've pulled it out. So I asked at Watsons, Mercury and Beauty stores they don't sell Sally Hansen Facial Hair Cream Bleach. It's for making your eyebrows or any facial hair blonde/brown.

If you would suggest other facial hair cream bleach, it would be great too. I use Andrea Bleach for now and I swear it gives me pimples in that specific spot only. Someone suggested "one way touch at Rustans" I just asked that, they said they don't sell it anymore. 

I love Sally Hansen. I don't know why did they pull it out. :(

Please help meee.
:) ;) ;D