Unauthorized or System Error?

Started by theredtissue, August 06, 2014, 03:35:15 PM

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Hi PGG Friends. Im going to post here as an anonymous. I really need your opinion regarding on my situation in my bank account (Not BPI)

Here's the story:
07/15/2014 (Lunch Time)
Lunch time, my salary was deposited in my payroll account.
07/15/2014 5:20PM
I withdrew P10,000 in my ATM (payroll account). In my transaction receipt, my available balance was P17,014.40
07/16/2014 11:20AM
Went to department store to buy some stuff. I was about to pay the items in the cashier using ATM Debit feature (payroll account) but she said insufficient funds (P88.00).
07/16/2014 2:00PM
I checked my ATM and found out that my balance was P88.00.
07/16/2014 4:00PM
I checked my transaction history and found out there's missing transaction.

Please see the table below for your reference.

Should be
TransactionDate and TimeAmountBalance
Deposit7/15/2014 (Lunch Time)26932.3327014.4
Withdrawal7/15/2014 5:20PM1000017014.4
Should not be
High Level Transaction History
Bal Inq7/15/20142.0027012.40
Bal Inq7/15/20142.0027010.40
ATM SVCHG7/15/201411.0026999.40
ATM SVCHG7/15/201411.0026988.40
Detailed Transaction History (Based on timestamp)
Withdrwal7/15/2014 5:22PM1000010088.4
Withdrwal7/15/2014 7:46PM1000088.4
Withdrwal7/15/2014 7:47PM690020088.4

- The High Level transaction history is from Online
- The Detailed transaction history is from the bank
- I still have the transaction receipt (07/15/2014)

I already submitted a complaint last 07/17/2014 and my account is STILL under investigation. Do you think its UNAUTHORIZED withdrawal?

Based on my observation, there's something wrong with the transaction history.

I want you to analyze the table and give some technical info or opinion. I don't want to post this in any social media site.

Thank you guys  :)

looks like your account was hacked or there is some glitch in the system. It happens. and also it looks like your withdrawal was "duplicated?" as seen in the withdrawal of 10,000 Pesos twice?

Make sure to report. I have a friend who deposited money and instead of getting into his account, it ended up in someone else's account who has almost the same account number as his. crazy stuff.

don't worry if it was an unauthorized withdrawal you'll get it back, well kung BDO yan goodluck nalang

based on the timestamp I don't think it was a system glitch

@Chris, " it looks like your withdrawal was "duplicated?" as seen in the withdrawal of 10,000 Pesos twice". Yes, based on the transaction history from online.

@otipeps, thank you. There's something wrong in the balance if we are going to based it on the timestamp.

Time       Balance
5:20PM   10088.4
7:46PM   88.4
7:47PM   20088.4

Also, have you used your account to do online transactions?

@Lanchie, no. Still under investigation -.-

according to your "should not be",
not shown there is the beginning balance before the withdrawal was made. it does not reconcile with the total amount of money you have as stated in the "should be"... doesnt make sense bro.

also, who goes to the dept store at 11:20 pm?? midnight sale on a wednesday?

I think nagkamali lang siya ng post dapat 11:20am yun based sa time ng next posts nya na 2pm and 4pm na same day din

ask your bank to check where the second withdrawal posted on your account originated. if the location is different from the atm where you transacted, possible that it was an unauthorized withdrawal. it's also possible that you're a victim of skimming but i'm not sure if they can do that in less than 3 hours. last pwede rin naman na glitch lang at naduplicate pagpost or may problem lang siguro sa pagbatch nila ng transactions.

sa bank ko naman, one time when i checked the transaction history of my account through their mobile app, i got a credit memo worth PhP 2+ trillion but when i checked my account balance, tama naman. i still have a photo of it here on my mobile as a remembrance.  :)

@angelo, please see the updated table and info. thanks

@gaboiii, yes, the 2 transaction was made in other location based on the detailed history from bank.

Check the details below:

Time: 7:46PM
Withdraw: 10,000
Current Balance after withdrawal: 88.40

Time: 7:47PM
Withdraw: 6,900
Current Balance after withdrawal: 20,088.40

What do you think?