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Guys pa OT po..

Suggest naman po kayo ng system and company/small business na pwedeng gawang ng program?

like - payroll system, attendance system, enrollment system.

My cowirker talked about it one time kung anu thesis nila before, ansabi nya sakin is cemetery mapping system, sounds weird pero til now gnagamit pa daw un nung cemetery land owners till now

My classmates used to have a bus inventory system , may isang bus company cla na kinater and chnechek nung system kung nkagarahe na ung bus or deployed, kung coding or hindi

Aun, hope it helps for some ideas

cjasskun - computer science ka or IT?

The commencement of the dreadful thesis life.

The normal program that is always used on thesis are: inventory, attendance, payroll...
pero kung kaya mo din naman mai-expand ang thesis mo try using software or programming language
with less DB(database) intervention and data manipulation more movements... C++ or C#

ang ginawa namin nung college as thesis is coffee vendo machine(improvised) :)
sarap balikan nung mga panahong namamangha ka sa codes hahahahahaha ngayon sakit na uloooooo kasi malaki na masyado ang scope bwahahahahaha  :P


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