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I'm not scared. Sa totoo lang matagal konang tanggap saka hinanda ung sarili ko na mamamatay ako, kaso ang hindi ko matanggal pati ung mga mahal ko sa buhay at kaibigan ko mamamatay din. sana mauna ako kesa sa kanila

Death is knownas "the known secret."yes, it seems unknown, and afterlife seems blurred. By faith, we believe thatJesus proved there is an afterlife, when He rose from the dead.

As for us, in our human lives, we experience things that are even beyond life itself.example is love. Love makes us happy and strong,but it is also tenacious that,even beyond death, we remain one with  those who passed on. If love exists and all of us are created in love, then,i think love carries us on beyond death, towards life eternal.

anung masasbi nyo sa death ni jimboy?


--- Quote from: marvinofthefaintsmile on July 28, 2015, 05:00:17 AM ---anung masasbi nyo sa death ni jimboy?

--- End quote ---

Sino si jimboy?

4x na ako muntik mamatay. Hindi na ako takot sa kamatayan. In fact, I am not expecting to live long because of my yolo lifestyle. So death is almost always expected. Although of course, safety first.

My fear is what's gonna happen to my mother after I die.


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