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Quote from: ctan on December 11, 2015, 02:24:15 PM
Duterte is a lawyer. He knows his bounds. It's a political strategy to give an impression that he means serious business.

Bakit ako matatakot sa "diktador" kung alam ko naman na hindi ako lalabag sa batas, magiging disiplinado ako, at susunod ako sa mga panuntunan.

The only people who dislike Duterte's leadership style are those who can't commit to contribute to a progressive Philippines. Hindi lang naman ekonomiya ang batayan sa progreso.

Duterte for President!

right!  ;)

all our presidential candidates are promising. still theres something inside me telling me not to just vote based on what i see on social media and news. until now, still, im undecided.


part pa din ng yellow sina
POE (used SSN ng dead people sa US to claim an identity)
ROXAS (where is the Yolanda Funds)
BINAY (Makati City Parking lot / unable to answers questions straightly)
Binay also stated he has documents to be presented.. why not present it to the court / hearings?

Only Du30 and Defensor are qualified for the position

although Im worried about Miriam's Health.

DU30 - change the world and please be the sunlight of the universe..