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I have done that already, but my appeal was left unheard. Kuya monch knows it. Anyway, i rest my case. first impressions of people on me, always last, even if i explained the Matter. Thnaks for the concern. I think it's a lesson for me in this forum. This is an imperfecr community, and i, an imperfect person, comes here to relate with others. When i make mistakes ormy actions look "odd for" guys to do, i am boxed out. Beyond this, i appreciatemy happy times here. today, it's not so welcoming after all.

how offensive?

Sa work, pati na din sa family.. :(


--- Quote from: Peps on May 28, 2015, 08:55:31 AM ---send mo kay kuya monch lahat ng conversations nyo, tapos siya na mag foforward kay chris malay mo makatulong yun sa case mo. Fair naman si Chris usually dami nga mga pinalalagpas lang nyang kaso, pero sa case mo kasi dami nagreklamo, me and kuya monch don't know all the details kahit moderators kami medyo private kasi.

Anyway payo ko lang sayo, minsan ang akala mong tunay na kaibigan dito sa forum sila pa pala magpapahamak sayo, kaya be vigilant ;)

--- End quote ---

Oo nga. I know ang topic ng thread na ito ay about being unwelcomed pero mukhang inappropriate dito sa thread yang case mo. No need to raise your case or appeal publicly dito sa thread why not raise it sa moderators and admins? Kung di napakinggan no need to rant here, this is not just about your personal matter. Sa pag-post mo ng ganyan dito not sure how to say it pero parang sinisiraan mo naman  peers mo dito. Deal it personally with them. If wala nangyari no need to open it publicly 

Sorry sa comment ko.


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