Gatsby Moving Rubber (what about it?)

Started by Hitad, July 08, 2009, 09:19:37 PM

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Has anyone tried this hair wax(?) ?
Is there something special in it that really differentiates to those of the classic gatsby wax here in the Philippines?

and lastly, if meron kayong alam kung san man nakakabili neto please list it down here ^__^. Many Thanks!

and also paShare narin  ng experiences niyo sa product na to sa mga nakatest na, planning kasi ako magpabili kaso manggagaling pa sa New Zealand with bayad pa waaaa.

Hello Hitad,

You can see the details with regard to Gatsby Moving Rubber on this same site... Chris provided some details on how you will be able to purchase this one.. Link follows...

Hope this helps.

OT: napaka helpful talaga ni Dum.... this and that naman dyan...

Haha.. oo nga naman Hitad. Nasa PGG blog na yung Gatsby Moving Rubber ;)