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Working in Makati, Any Tips?

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I started working in Makati this month, and I had trouble adjusting to the new work environment and the venue. Do you have any life hacks on working in Makati, like route to avoid traffic, where to rent, etc. Thanks!

^ramillav - welcome back to PGG. where do you work in Makati? The best thing to do is mag rent ng condo. It helped BIG time.

anyway, I wrote something about it a while back. Hope this helps:

I work near RCBC.

^ramillav - I see. How's things going so far for you?

What I do for now is commute via colorum van in Petron/7-11 Malugay (P45) which goes to Pureza LRT Station  and Balic-Balic (there's a trip to Dapitan, too). Travel time is around 30-40 minutes. Going to Makati, I catch a trip from Pureza 7-11 then get off at either Makati Postal Office or Fire Station and walk to RCBC Plaza.


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