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Working in Makati, Any Tips?

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--- Quote from: jackxtwist on October 17, 2017, 12:21:26 PM ---^still condo sharing sir? magkano rate mo,  is it all in?

--- End quote ---

Yes, pero mga officemates ko na kasama ko. We are 5 occupying a 1-br condo in Makati. Hati hati lang kami sa rent na 18k.

Pero may nakikita akong ads sa OLX na condo sharing sa Makati ranging from 5-6k. Tyaga lang sa paghahanap

Im working in makati!
Tip from my experience is to walk instead of waiting a bus. It is much faster. Your body will thank u.

I walk From ayala ave to vito cruz. Sometimes quirino. Then i ride the LRT
Quirino and vito cruz has the shortest line.


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