Anyone into Cats?

Started by cslsyzner, May 17, 2018, 04:08:01 PM

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Anyone who is into cats? How many cats do you have?

Currently have 13 cats and 8 kittens.
Before, I thought I was a dog person since we only had small dogs but gf told me try to have a cat.
So I started with a cat last July of 2015, given to me by my officemate. He is a ginger cat and we named him Elmo. The same year of November, the mother cat gave birth again so she gave me another 1 and we called her Katzu (Tortie-tabby cat). By the way, they are domestic shorthair cats (crossbreed of american shorthair x bengal x local cat).

This is how Elmo looks like when he was a kitten...

And this is how he looks like now...

He is around 7 kgs

Here's a photo of Katzu...

Uy sir! Paarbor nyan haha! Ang cute ng mga pusa mo :3

Quote from: jelo kid on May 17, 2018, 05:52:55 PM
Uy sir! Paarbor nyan haha! Ang cute ng mga pusa mo :3

Hahaha... They're not for sale... Though I'm selling their kittens :)

May lahi yan ano sir? Puskal lang alam kong pusa eh haha

Quote from: jelo kid on May 19, 2018, 09:57:18 PM
May lahi yan ano sir? Puskal lang alam kong pusa eh haha

Yup :) Elmo and Katzu are crossbreeds of American Shorthair x Siamese x Bengal

My third cat is a female persian and her name is Chubaka :)

Our 4th kitty was actually a rescued kitten in BGC. We took her home and her fellow kittens, but only she was left with us and we named her Alexis. The other two kitties were re-homed.

Photo of Ivory (R) and Ebony (L). They were also rescued along with Alexis way back March 2016.

Here's a photo of Katzu and Alexis side by side :)

This is Xia, a crossbreed of Siamese and Ragdoll. She only stayed for a week with us and crossed the rainbow bridge.

Next Cat is a female siamese cat and we named her Avatar.

Next feline is another Persian and we named him "Ash" because of his color. Ash is actually "the father of all cats" since he fathered 7 kittens with Katzu, another 7 kittens with Avatar and 3 kittens with Chubaka. Out of the 17 kittens, 15 survived :)

Wrapping up our original line up / 1st generation of felines is Muffin. She's another crossbreed of Ragdoll and Siamese.

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