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Anyone into Cats?

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Anyone who is into cats? How many cats do you have?

Currently have 13 cats and 8 kittens.
Before, I thought I was a dog person since we only had small dogs but gf told me try to have a cat.
So I started with a cat last July of 2015, given to me by my officemate. He is a ginger cat and we named him Elmo. The same year of November, the mother cat gave birth again so she gave me another 1 and we called her Katzu (Tortie-tabby cat). By the way, they are domestic shorthair cats (crossbreed of american shorthair x bengal x local cat).

This is how Elmo looks like when he was a kitten...

And this is how he looks like now...

He is around 7 kgs

Here's a photo of Katzu...

jelo kid:
Uy sir! Paarbor nyan haha! Ang cute ng mga pusa mo :3


--- Quote from: jelo kid on May 17, 2018, 05:52:55 PM ---Uy sir! Paarbor nyan haha! Ang cute ng mga pusa mo :3

--- End quote ---

Hahaha... They're not for sale... Though I'm selling their kittens :)


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