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no woman, or man for that matter, deserves to be objectified. ang tao dapat na tinatrato bilang tao, hindi bilang mga bagay or means to pleasure ourselves. they can think on their own; they can decide on their own. they know what they want. when they say "no", we have to take that no to mean no, and not assume otherwise. they have full autonomy of their bodies, and wala tayong pakialam dun. love and trust is not about gender. it's about being a person - a human being. respect is not to be earned, but a given. taking advantage of the existing patriarchal society and it's embedded effects on the female psyche is still inexcusable. and no, i don't treat every girlfriend as a princess, i treat them as an equal. i drive sometimes, she drives sometimes. she wears anything she wants, and i'm ok with that. i offer help but she won't always take it. we split the bill. same arrangement now that i'm married. co-equal, and i think that's how things should be.


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