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Some friendly reminders

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Hi friends!

To encourage more people to join our forum here are just 2 reminders

1. English and Filipino language should be used throughout the forum. This will attract guests to register and join the fun since it is the most widely understood languages by most Filipinos

2. Kindly contribute to the topics by saying your thoughts. Please don't create a post with only smileys as a reply.

Just a friendly reminder so that many people would join the club!  ;D

Thanks for your support guys! ;)

nata maan ako.
pasensya na.
i do post/ reply in smileys and in bisaya.
it wont happen again. :)

and just a suggestion/ reminder - let us not type using "txt" language. it gives the forums a more credible look, rather than members having a chat forum.  ;)

yeah correct ka dyan.

kami ba to? sa BISAYA topic?. hahaha. okay po Kuya Chris.


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