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mang juan:
^ Tried watching Ep1 of Locke and Key at di ko tinapos. Haha. Maganda yung ibang Episodes?

Ako nagenjoy sa kingdom 1 and 2, then sa two popes.
 Nanood din ako ng pinoy movies, yung granny by sarah g, tanging ina ninyong lahat at beauty and the bestie.
Will try to watch more after my duties

Gusto ko panoorin ang rainbow sunset

Sana all, may time manood.  :'(

The Rotten Tomatoes have spoken, ‘DARK’ being the Greatest Netflix Original Series. Can’t wait for the 3rd Season! 👊🏼

I recommend peaky blinders tv series and you can get this series subtitles at subdl and the manliest series I ever watched. Such a great fan of thomas shelby. I would like to point out that Tommy's love interest, Grace, and their entire relationship, give you an overall perspective of what is "classy British romance" at its finest. As old-school as it gets, this series has everything from thrill, to crime, to drama, to sorrow, to opening up your mind, on a whole new level. Peaky Blinders stands out from the other Gangster series because there is something soothing and peaceful about it.


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