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Title: shih tzu
Post by: toperyo on May 19, 2012, 03:17:29 PM
meron ka nito? share mo naman yung experience mo sa shih tzu dog mo...
 :D :D
Title: Re: shih tzu
Post by: den0saur on August 07, 2017, 09:27:38 AM
Hi! We have a shih tzu, too.
We got her almost two years ago. It was actually the wife's idea to get one. I was never a dog person, or a pet-lover, for that matter. So this was a new thing for me.
We named her, P****. She's just the sweetest little thing. She would bark really loud every time we come home from work. She would wake me up every morning when she's out of her cage. She wags her tail incessantly na mukha na syang kumekembot when she's excited and when she wants to play. She was the baby in our house until my little one came. Sobrang spoiled nya sa amin.
She was a fighter, too. Four months pa lang sya nun when she got something from her food which caused her to bleed and throw up blood. Naka-swero sya for a good two days. Gumigising ako tuwing madaling araw to check on her and to make sure na hindi nya nahihigaan o nahihila yung swero nya. God, it was heartbreaking. This, coming from someone who isn't into dogs really is something, ano?
She is now very, very healthy. Playful, malambing and all good traits I'd want in a pet. I love her dearly to the point that I get offended when people call her "aso" instead of her name. Siguro I grew in love with her because she shows me how much she wants to be with me more than any other person in this world. Literal na nagtatatalon sya sa tuwa pag nakikita ako. Who doesn't want that, di ba?
Wala nga pala syang alam na tricks. Because tamad ako magturo and all I need from her is her cuddles. I also make sure na we have our alone time na kakargahin ko sya like you would a baby. Whew, namiss ko naman to bigla.
Title: Re: shih tzu
Post by: mang juan on March 27, 2020, 07:03:54 PM
Planning to have one. Hindi ba mahirap alagaan?
Title: Re: shih tzu
Post by: den0saur on April 22, 2020, 08:28:25 PM
Planning to have one. Hindi ba mahirap alagaan?
Medyo maselan kasi kelangan palagi mo syang kinakalantari. Selosa pero malambing naman. PEro depende rin yata sa personality nya. Generally ok naman ang breed nila. Magastos lang sa food at grooming. Tsaka pag nagkakasakit so ingat rin.
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