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Started by Mr.Yos0, November 20, 2010, 01:16:57 PM

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'Postscript' by Rolando S. Tino

                        w/ all
your star-spangled ideas
Turned us into idiots
Who had no resistance
                        CRAZY MAN
                       I get so furious
                             how we who've been educated
are now the ones turned fools
Because we're out of touch (chua chua)
Because we're out of touch (chua chua)
It's all a matter of pointofview
& ar poinuview's cross-eyed
                        Think lang of all the
finals and seminars that immolated
the highbrow
                                        jusso we won't be
shameful naman to our own
GRINGO classmates of which so many
are        oh my God          suspected idiots
D'ya know I wrote a heaven-knows-how-many-pages-paper-on
have y'eva hea'd of some'ing entitled
Ver-gi-di-ma-rium by Marston maybe or Hall?
& for 8125
                   was eyestrained from peeking
at the Menstrual Blood of San Beda on microfilm
in order to evalyuweyt if Madame Ovaltine was slut or saint?
And what kind of iskolarsip daw is yourmother'sawhore?
Better to scratch your balls / Maybe he ejaculated too
I mean it's absoluuuutely ridiculous
                                                              endeavuh so precieuse to stuff
yu'head w/ headnotes footnotes marginalnotes
until your soul's one big fat variorum edition
of pure unmitigated pedantic nonsense

                  B* E* C* A* U* S* E*

nothing nothing
                                    to do with
                                                                           your own

THIRST    SLEEP       FRIGHT      LUST                      FART

& then you godda nerve to think
you're shuperiah to the restadapipol
juz becuz you speak English w/the twang of angels
from Talahasee, Salinas, or Catona
You truly are the offspring of a flea from San Roqué's dog!
They have inisght, those who don't know English don't you know
They have their own structure in argumentation
derived from inference and a higher form of algebra
that for what it's worth is esti-estimation or carcu-carculation
I mean to say
                                   St James
                                   St Eliot
                                   St Warren & Wellek
                                   St Shakespeare & Johnson
                                   St Donne & Miltonberle
                                   St Thomasite
                                   St Peace Corps.

            When you jump on their various graves
there we are at istetsayd just intelligizing.


My favorite short love poem (poesie amore brevi) is:
May it never be that I place impediments to the
union of faithful souls; Love is not Love
if it changes when it discovers a change
or tends to vanish when the other moves away.
Oh no! Love is an ever-fixed beacon
that hangs over the storm and never falters;
it is the guiding star of every lost boat,
the value of which is unknown, although the distance is known.
Love is not subject to Time, even if rosy lips and cheeks must
fall under its curved blade;
Love does not change in a few hours or weeks,
but fearlessly resists the last day of judgment:
if this is a mistake and it will be proved to me,
I have never written, and no one has ever loved.
(William Shakespeare)


"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." -Benjamin Franklin


"As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler." —Henry David Thoreau