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man-muscle size question

Started by angelo, April 19, 2009, 11:11:53 PM

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when can you really say that the man-muscle is in its flaccid state?

in contrast to the erect state, you can always determine that it has reached its full length and girth at a high point of "excitement", most probably.

However, in different situations it could have different states and sizes, most likely dependent on the activity and the weather? so how do you measure up?

any thoughts?


just saw this over the net: something all men can use to classify.... hahahahaha

is it -

cute and small

macho medium

gigantic large

my third leg

lakatan ang haba, saba ang taba


dadaanin ko na lang sa performance

small but terrible

need a microscope

ocho haba dose bilog

parang bumbilya

david kapag tulog, goliath na kapag gising

PPP lang pero kapag nagalit, PHILIPPINES