Long Distance Relationship

Started by Chris, August 14, 2015, 02:44:53 PM

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Ever been into one? Did it work out?

memorable yun para sa akin...it opened my mind to every possibilities, taking chances, taking risk, pero it didn't worked out as planned. Well, things go wrong...d pa kami nag kita noon kasi hanggang Chat lng sa phone at FB...mahal ko yung yun.

Long distance na ba yung Laguna-Paranaque? If so, edi yes I've been there and no, hindi nagtagal. LDR never was for me.

It's built on trust. Siguro you have to be mature enough to be able to withstand the hardships of being in a long distance relationship. Kasi kapag hindi ka pa mature, madali kang ma-sway into all forms of tukso. Note that I used "mature" instead of "matanda" kasi, alam niyo na. Hindi talaga sukatan ng maturity ang edad.

So yun nga, mahirap but if you really love the girl, it's all gonna be worth it.

Just got into this. Met a girl in US last December -pinay siya. Since then, everyday na kami magka chat until she went back here in Manila last Feb for a vacation. We went out as friends for the first time then umuwi ulit siya ng US and months passed by until August this year, umuwi ulit siya and I admitted that I like her and mutual feelings pala kami. hehe what a lucky move.

Now, we're committed kahit na magkalayo kami. Communication is the Key. We always make sure na magkausap/chat kami every day kahit busy sched namin. We always find time to update each other. Enjoying it so far. I'm so lucky to have a woman like her.

I've had this kind of relationship. Finally, we did not survive.

kami ni baboy, tawag ko sa asawa ko.  ldr kami lagi kasi programmer ako sa sg. two yrs din ldr,  apat na beses lang kami nag kikita,  pang fifth gf ko by the way bago kami kinasal. ok naman kami, nag survive. kung love niyo talaga isat isa. mag wowork yan