Ragnarok Philippines to be relaunched this mid-June 2017

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First, bakit 'di ko makita yung option to search forum topics? Paki-guide po ako hehe (tagal ko nawala).

We're actually inviting everyone in the forum (specially those who never played Ragnarok when it was first launched in 2003) to try playing RO under a new publisher.

Nag-close ang pRO last March 2015 under Level Up Games but this year, nakuha ng isang Thai company (Electronics Extreme) ang license to re-publish RO sa Philippines. Hopefully, this is a better publisher who will not commit the same mistakes of LUG.

Please visit www.ragnarokonline.com.ph to download the installer (pero sa mid-June 2017 pa magbubukas ang server) and read my blog on the information about the RO relaunch:


See you guys in-game!

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I thought this was a private server. Lots of memories from the game though, pero ok sana kung nagkaroon ng vast promotion, kasi Metro Manila players lang ata na-cater dun sa SM north launch tapos parang sa fb ko pa lang ata nakita promotions nila.