Started by Chris, August 08, 2017, 05:48:02 PM

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When I first heard this music, I loved it and knew it was going to be phenomenal. Now with over 3 billion views on YouTube, it is now the most watched video of all time.

How about you. Do you like the song? Why do you think it became #1 even if it's Spanish? :)

I think the world always love the Mexican/Spanish music. Bumabalik lang uli ngayon yung dating trend.
Every year or generations may hits na Latin/Spanish/Mexican songs.. Like Conga(Gloria Estefan), Mambo No.5, Macarena, etc.
And sumikat din yung mga Latin/Spanish artists like Ricky Martin, Shakira, Lou Vega, Marc Anthony, etc.

So when Despacito came and conquer the world charts, it is not new to the music industry.
And the song really is catchy and will hit your LSS nerve, even your sub conscious mind.
And I admit, I once love this song. But never download it on my playlist. :)

wla akong problema sa mga mexican/spanish songs. pero i don't like this song.