Goodbye Laboracay!

Started by Chris, April 06, 2018, 08:55:23 AM

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Sad they closed it before the event. Anyone affected here?

if by affected you mean having own opinions about it, i'd say a positive affection for it. im all for the closure of the island to non-residents. if it means closing the island for rehabilitation, then by all means close it, even for a longer period of time. or until it becomes the boracay it once was.

it's funny that most of the people who oppose it are those who have establishments, businesses, in boracay. the exact, same people who made boracay a "cesspool".

laboracay. one word = yuck.

haha! natawa ako. Oo nga. puro pasoshal lang sa Laboracay. Daming social-climbers. Asar.