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Dahil isa kong nangangarap na manunulat, gusto ko lng ibhagi sa inyu ang ilan sa mga nagawa kong tula. at sympre kayu din. exchange ideas ba? basta yun  :P :P :P

buena mano:

by Jae (real name ko, half-kor by the way, but never been to kor. dito ko isinilang, kaya ako'y noyping noypi  ;D)

It is dusk, the sky turning black
And the sun is sinking, while the moon waits to rise
He is having fun, while she sits alone;
Afraid, Frightened, Troubled
And as the darkness comes, they see the shining moon

He leaves the house, she packs her things
He walks straight, she sighs with pain
He sees the moon, she waves at it
And at that moment,
They exchanged smiles for the last time

Sitting on a bench, he started to recall
Their high school days, friendship days, and enemy days
But whatever days it were, for him, it was a treasure
A treasure he would keep for all of his life
A treasure he will bury to the depths of his soul

While staring at the moon, he begin to cry
Teardrops fall in countless, infinite numbers
And by looking at the moon, he realized
It was teardrops of regrets; regrets for letting her go
Or maybe regrets for being so fool and weak to let her fly so far away

His teardrops never stop, he wondered
He then thinks of their happy days - him, her, all of them
Happy days, sad days, good days and bad days
And so he swear, he promise, he vow

What swear? What promise? What vow?
He swore he will never leave her and them
He promise he will make her and them happy
And he vowed that only she and they will be his only friends
No other friends, no close friends, no special friends, NO GIRLFRIEND; just them
And the moon, shining vastness of the dark, is his witness

Now he wipes his tears, blows off his nose
He stands, he walks, he smiles
And it is only for her and them
For she will be leaving, he will wait
Two years, three years, five years, ten years
But no matter how many years it will be
No matter how dark the night is
He and she will just watch it, and enjoy it, and make fun of it
Because after the long night
There is dawn, there is light, there is day

For now, when the night is just coming
And the moon starts shining
Both of them, even in separate worlds,
Will see its beautiful light,
And wait for the sun to rise - AGAIN

in your own philo, what do you think is the best art to express one's emotion? para sakin tula.  :D

i express the best of my art in writing as well.., However, this is against conservative people or feeling-conservative people..

about the poem you wrote, I think you might get along with darkstar. He likes writing those lengthy poems.

OT: Do you speak Korean jamapi? Di ba dapat nasa Hobbies and Men's Interest to?

The best art to express one's emotion? Martial art.

^haha onga eh maling board  :P :P :P

dilang pinoy ako ser ni hindi ko alam istura ng korea sa abril pa lang ako ppnta dun. ni tatay ko di ko nakita

martial arts.. i remmber, when i was younger.. i used to train for karate and tae kwon do.. every punch i make was filled with anger. and so with my kicks.. but those days were gone..

jamapi: nice poem! I felt it. I felt it so much that it inspired me to make one

When was the last time I saw your face?
I can't even remember how we parted
One thing's for sure though
I don't know where you are right now

As I look at this photo, nostalgia kicks in
How we met online and became best friends
It's pretty funny how that happened
Since we never really knew each other then

After some months, it's finally time
We finally have the chance to meet
We opened the mall that day and had fun
I was so happy that everything I think of would rhyme

Another day went were in we will meet
You surprisingly brought your friends
I shy that day, I don't know how to react
But you made me feel like I'm part of the gang

It's our third meeting, my turn to bring friends
You got along with them very well
At that moment a weird idea came
That maybe it's you that I need

After that day, we have been busy
I'm second year college, and you're graduating
We've been so busy, that we never knew
How time passed by, and our friendship too

School day is here, I was surprised
We have the same school and you're a freshman
What expect to be a warm reminiscing
Became simple nods as a greeting

Where are you now? What happened to us?
Those busy times, I truly regret
I guess you can never really tell what will happen
To the people you meet in the internet


for me, the best was to transform my emotions to art is by painting. It's fast. You don't have to think about it as much. And you can always call it "abstract" if you think it sucks. lol

Nice compo Jae. May talent ka p lang ganito. Nagustuhan ko ito, lalu na ina-associate mo yung environment/background sa main characters mo. Was there anything remotely japanese with the influence in this? Mahilig kc sila sa nature at environment.

Haha, di ako marunong sumulat ng tula. Pag-isipan ko, baka susubukan ko. Possibly a short story, or an anecdote.