Ever heard of KAIZEN?

Started by Abarekiller, April 12, 2012, 08:34:39 PM

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japanese philosophy tungkol xa s continuous slow improvement" pina-practice to ng mga company to improve on their products. In personal aspect, how do you practice it?

research ko pa.. any reference..

paki elaborate ang Kaizen, continous slow improvement? baka mapagiwanan ka naman sa sobrang bagal  ;D

un bang applying small changes para sa continuous improvement, best example na lang, ang japanese di ba, pagdating sa technology, nde sila nauubusan ng idea para iimprove ang technology nila, ex. ps2 tapos magkakaroon ng ps3. ganun po.

Japanese Car maker (TOYOTA) first institutionalized this word in their business. Now they revolutionized the world of business by using this kind of strategy. Kaizen meaning "continuous improvement."

Now almost every manufacturing company in the whole world are following their footsteps.