PGG Happy 2nd Year Anniversary !!!

Started by Jon, March 15, 2009, 12:10:02 PM

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Happy           Anniversary                             PGG
To: Bossing Chris

Thank you for this blog which is very useful to us, for your avid readers and members. This forum is not only a typical blog or forum in this very big world of WWW , but this  is the kind of blog which gives information to the readers about so many things. Aside from that, ONE thing that makes this blog a very good one IT BUILDS FRIENDSHIP, to each forum members from  different walks of life. Im very happy when I was searching for fashion style website for men way back September 2008, I was really amazed with the topics being posted in the forum because its very helpful to me- VERY PINOY STYLE- which is what Im looking for that time, but later on I go beyond my purpose...I found new FRIENDS whom I never meet hopefully soon....

To all my PGGFriends and future PGGF members (-GUESTs-) lets make this blog like our own ( what I mean to say is  ALAGAAN natin ang nasimulan ni Bossing Chris )

( Para akong nanalo sa Oscars, Best Member Category sa haba ng speech ko hehhee)

Thank You Very Much !!!

-Jon  :D

excited ka sa speech mo ah! :D

thanks Jon for all the contributions! keep it up!

Its 10 years anniversary na pala this year!