Best Skin Whitening for Men

Started by justdaemon, January 17, 2018, 08:03:20 AM

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Hi Guys,

Ask ko lang kung anong skin whitening products ang effective especially sa dark areas like tuhod and siko.


A bonne. 40 pesos each lang sa Divisoria or sa Cash&Carry.

i just love how a lot of people compliment my color after a beach trip. madami din nakakaappreciate ng darker skin tones okay??? kaya i need to go get some tan again. no to skin whitening!

Anong effective na pampaputi ng singit? Di ako makapagbikini e. Tsk.

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Ung teacher ko sa high school sabi sakin dati na very effective ang Safe Guard White. Dapat daw ung White kungdi walang whitening.