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Guy Guide: Watch of the moment

by Chris
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I went to Glorietta yesterday with my bunch of friends. We came to a watch store and found that gone are the days when guys wore watches like a typical young professional with rounded-shaped watches. The trend now is square-shaped watches as in this example. You see, if you’re into the latest trends and style, you need to update and go with the flow.

Watches these days especially for men tend to be bigger exactly like those on the front ones above. Moreover, if you notice the wrist band (whatever you want to call it), you would see that its width is a bit larger and symmetric throughout.

Leather watches are also becoming very common. So if you want to follow the trend, get a watch like this (costs around P 2500+ minimum). Oh and make sure its Quartz. Never ever buy digital watches coupled with rubber wrist bands – unless you would want to look and act like a kid. Modern day girls say its a huge turn off!

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1 comment

jaganium2008 September 24, 2008 - 8:10 am

yeah i agree…
those silver watches from timex are great for young professionals like us….


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