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Summer weight loss tips

by Chris
It’s summer and everyone’s heading towards the beach. But before you join the rest, it’s time to look your best by controlling those crazy cravings. I have here below some of the few tips to control your bingeing over food which I found effective myself.

1. Drink plenty of water.
Well the idea sounds ridiculous. But yes, sometimes we do mistake thirst for hunger. Instead of getting a glass of water we tend to end up getting oreos and bigMac which inevitably adds to our weight.

2. Too much fiber is not good.
Though many of diet magazines recommend fiber. I’ve read in one article that consuming too much isn’t good either. It gives you a “bloated” feeling. You feel that your stomach is full all the time so you end up with a bulging stomach contrary to the flat stomach we’ve always wanted.

3. Move… Move… Move…
When you find yourself sitting lousily on the couch or tirelessly switching tv channels looking for something interesting to watch due to boredom this means that you’re wasting your precious time by letting your body store fats as its reservoir. Sucks right? So next time get up, move, do something – anything. Walk, go to the gym, go out with your girlfriend, exercise, clean your room and the list goes on and on….

4. Stop Thinking of food
Surprised? Well you should be. Because most of the time when we have nothing to do we eat out of boredom. Analyze yourself. When you are thinking of food, ask yourself the question “Am I really hungry?”. If you have convinced yourself for around a hundred times (exaggeration LOL), and the answer is YES – this means that you are indeed hungry. So get something to eat but remember to have self-control!!!!

5. When you feel full S.T.O.P.
Alright. When you are eating, don’t let yourself finish the entire pack of chips. Don’t let yourself finish the plate. Chew slowly and listen to your body if it still needs food. Sounds funny right? But yes you should listen to your body and if you no longer feel hunger it means you should stop eating because you’re full. Makes sense? Just think of it like this. Any amount of food you eat after you feel full will more likely be stored as fat thus making you weigh heavier.

Its barely one month before we all go to the beach for the summer! So go ahead and try the above tips. Sooner or later you’ll have the body to impress. Go and make the girls’ heads turn. 🙂

PS: On my next post, I’ll probably put Pinoy Guy Guide’s chosen artist of the moment.

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