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Is it worth to buy fake apparel?

I went to a place where they sell lots of fake stuff. It’s actually something like a tiangge. Anyway the place doesn’t sell all fakes. There is a portion for tiangge which sell the fake items and there is a portion for shops which do sell nothing but the original.

So anyway in the Tiangge area you could see loads and loads of fake shirts, fake rubber shoes which are plain imitations of the original product. I don’t actually buy fakes but I then thought of writing about it here in PGG – Is it worth to buy fake?

I won’t deny the fact that when I was a little younger (during my freshman years in highschool), I once bought a fake Nike rubber shoes. The thing is it wasn’t my intention to buy a fake one because honestly I am always after the original. I was such an ignorant kid during those times that I thought I got a good bargain by getting a Nike rubber shoes which is actually 1/4 th of the original price. When you’re a kid and you see Nike shoes which seem to look so genuine to be fake, you could easily be deceived especially when the tiangge is selling it at an irresistible low price.

So going back, do you think it’s worth to buy fake?


The Price
The price is the most tempting factor why some buy fakes. I mean it’s difficult to earn money and life’s hard I must admit. So in the end we always think that if it’s cheap, it’s worth it.

The Look
Since time immemorial, looks do count a lot. And if we see something that looks unmistakenly the same as the original we are easily deceived by it. You see, imitators these days are so good that if you aren’t keen in spotting you wouldn’t ever know how to determine which is the original and which is not. Towards the end, some still buy the product to show-off hoping that no one notices that they are wearing fake.


The Quality
Obviously, the quality is completely inferior to the original -That’s why it’s cheap! You may be able to use it a few times but it’s guaranteed that it wont last as long as the original

The Look
Yep, I mentioned “The Look” twice and you aren’t reading this by mistake. You see some people especially avid fans of a particular brand of shoes or apparel could easily determine what’s authentic and what’s not. So what if you’re friend is that person? Then that would mean a bad reputation on you if he finds out you are buying fake stuffs and all.

Pinoy Guy Guide’s Verdict
We do have a choice – we could do anything or buy anything we like. But if you’re into style which is what Pinoy Guy Guide is into, buying authentic is something that is priceless, after all nothing is like the original so why not try to save your money until you are ready to buy one?

Anyway if you don’t have enough budget for an authentic brand I would suggest that you buy original clothing or apparel from any OTHER brand which is cheaper. You see, you do not need to buy a completely signature or branded clothing. If you know how to carry yourself well, any brand will do even if the brand of clothing is not popular. The most important thing is you are comfortable that you are wearing something original without having to fear that someone may catch you wearing fake. After all, if you do know how to dress well, you can easily pull it off with any type of clothing no matter what the brand is!

Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.


  • Dati na tempt ako bumili ng Addidas na japeyks sa Greenhills mura lang kasi around 500. Pero napaisip din ako. Kasi nung tinignan ko ng ilang beses yung nagustuhan kong model ng sapatos eh nde talaga ok kahit yung pagkakagawa. Saka malamang madaling masira yun.

  • yup…

    itsura pa lang, mukhang sirain na… pero ang mahal naman kasi ng orig kaya minsan nakakatempt…

  • To make sure that you’re buying the real ones and if you can afford them, just go to authorized stores that retails them or to the brand’s flagship stores. It’s like buying authentic CDs or VCDs. Although, some imitations even beat the quality of the real ones. My advice is, just buy those locally made (not branded) stuff. It’s good for the economy and the country. I’m into designer brands too but I also patronize locally made products cause designwise, it’s very competitive or even better.

  • is it really fake? nah.. kc ang trend ngayon ng mga brands is binibili na lang nila or pinapagawa sa iba to save manufacturing cost.. sometimes or most of the time, hndi nmn nila kinukuha lahat.. merong hndi pumasa sa quality test, or sobra ang ginawa. so first move ng manufacturing companies is to sell that at a lesser price. by the way, im working in a garments industry.. meron kami buying office d2 sri lanka.. try nyo magpunta d2, d2 kau magshopping.. almost lahat ng brands mabibili nyo d2 at a lesser price.. kelangan nyo lng muna magquality audit..hehe..

  • I remembered yung time na bumili ako ng shoes, fake na P350 pero mukha talaga syang original. Pero malalaman mo na fake kapag nakita mo na yung loob ng shoes. Never ko sinuot pang alis. Waste lang ng money.

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